Top 8 reasons to choose Amed over Canggu

After a couple of months in noisy dusty Canggu, I moved to the east of Bali, to Amed. I noticed this place while traveling around the island. I was impressed by the fantastic wildlife, empty roads and a very beautiful view of Mount Agung from the coast. On the way home, I had to stop many times, because I wanted to take pictures of everything around. And now I live in this wonderful place and I will try to infect you with my love for it.

So why Amed and not Changu?


Canggu is not Bali

As people say that Moscow is not Russia, it seems to me that Canggu is not Bali either. All these fashionable establishments, European-level service and traffic, as if in a metropolis, are rather an attempt to please tourists. Here is everything that is so lacking in Asia, just stay. But if you look closely, there is no soul in it. And the employees are mostly not Balinese, but visitors from Java or Sumatra, and nature is not visible at all, and you can’t say good things about the environment. After Sri Lanka, where I lived for almost half a year, Bali seemed dusty and ugly. I really missed nature. Although I certainly enjoyed the opportunity to go to the beauty salon, buy branded clothes in a boutique across the street, or eat eggs benedict with salmon and avocado toast, that seem to be cooked by like a top Michelin chef.

In Amed, nature is more than enough. You live in the real tropics. Among the mountains and the sea at the same time! Squirrels and lizards run through the trees, pigs and cows graze near the beach, chickens and roosters run screaming. Locals look at visitors as if they were aliens, ask to take photo and tug at their nose, wishing it to become as big and beautiful. Children run barefoot, you smell wet grass, spices and freedom. Here I feel the real magic of the island.



Or rather, its absence. A couple of cars and mopeds occasionally pass along the road, but cats and dogs run much more often. Not dangerous, quiet. In Canggu, in order to drive a couple of kilometers to a cafe or salon, every time I had to stand in traffic jams under the scorching sun or pouring rain among hundreds of cars and bikes, and here is perfect.


Gasoline and housing prices

Feels like two times lower. For example, in Canggu, filling a full tank of gasoline costs more than 100 thousand rupees. In Amed - 55. A modern beautiful villa with European-style renovation on the first line and with a large territory costs a little more than $ 1,000 per month. On the south coast, for such a price, one can not even dream of a first line and high-quality repairs. I chose a guesthouse a little further away, with my own kitchen and mountain views. This one cost $295 a month. In Canggu, I lived in a slightly more modest $500 apartment.



An amazing fact: this side of Bali is not an ocean, but a sea. Some may say it is a minus, but for those who are afraid of big waves and rip currents or came with children, this is a fairy tale. The water is very warm and clean. I love Amed Beach. It seems that it is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world: black pebble beach, fishing boats on the shore, but the most attractive is the majestic magnificent Agung in the background. Along the entire coast there are many coral reefs, among swim colorful fish, large and small turtles, stingrays and, if you're lucky, you can even see a reef shark. The sea is very popular among divers, but you can also take a mask and go for snorkeling near the shore. The views are fantastical!


Rainy season without garbage and rain

From November to April, the entire south coast looks terrible. From the island of Java, the current brings tons of garbage, and it is unpleasant not only to swim, but to come to the beach for a sunset. In Amed everything is ok. In addition, there are no people! Can you imagine? A huge coastline with crazy views, and there are twenty people on the beach along with cafe employees.

Moreover, there is almost no rain here either. The reason is that Amed is located near the mountains, which collect all the incoming clouds. And it turns out that it is raining in the mountains, but it is clear and sunny here.


No crowds

Nowhere. In any cafe you can take the most beautiful and comfortable place. In SPAs, you can always have a massage right now. You won't have to queue in stores. Want to go sightseeing or diving? At any moment just for you, no “we are all busy for today”. I think it's perfect.


There are cafes and beach clubs here too

Yes, it may seem ridiculous, but this is the answer to all lovers of civilization. Restaurants of Japanese, Indonesian or Italian cuisine, and all with the perfect view by the sea. Prices are naturally lower. For example, fresh dragon fruit juice in Canggu's trendy cafe can cost 45,000 rupees. In Amed - 20-25. You can also find eggs benedict here. 😁 Not within walking distance, but it’s even nice to drive a couple of minutes along an empty road.


Attractions nearby

The most Instagrammable views of Bali - the split gate overlooking Agung at Lempuyang Temple and on the steps among the pools and huge fish of the water palace of Tirta Gangga - are located nearby. Both places can be reached in about half an hour. And remember that in the temple you have to wait in queue for a photo, so living nearby and arriving in the morning is a huge advantage!

Summing up, I want to say that this, of course, is a matter of taste. Someone needs civilization, someone likes nature and solitude. But even if you are for the first option, come at least for a couple of days to enjoy Amed. It's fantastic and you're sure to love it. 😊


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