Comparing Bali and Thailand

Explore a detailed comparison of Bali and Thailand for tourists and expats, covering nature, culture, entertainment, housing, transport, and visas. Discover which destination...


Comparing Bali and Mauritius. Where is the best place to go?

Explore a detailed comparison of Bali and Mauritius in our comprehensive guide, ideal for tourists and expats. Discover which island offers the best in affordability,...


About the seasons on the island, when is it better to fly to Bali

It is believed that Bali has 2 seasons: dry and wet. Dry lasts approximately from April to October. At this time, there is almost no...


Top 8 reasons to choose Amed over Canggu

After a couple of months in noisy dusty Canggu, I moved to the east of Bali, to Amed. I noticed this place while traveling around...


#GarbageBali. Behind the scenes of heavenly life

It was an ecological disaster... I started to study the issue. Where is the garbage from? Why is there so much of it? And it...


Indonesian Entry Rules 2022

So what do you need now to get to Bali?


Elephant Park Bali

A long time ago, very beautiful and kind elephants lived on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. They walked in the tropics, fed on palm leaves...


Kanto Lampo waterfall

Kanto Lampo Waterfall appeared in Bali in the town of Ginyar quite recently. In 2015, the bed of the river flowing nearby was destroyed by...


Top 5 things to do in Kuta

Kuta is one of the most popular resort areas in Bali. It was here that Australian tourists came to conquer the waves in the 60-70s....


Top Apps to Use in Bali

Don't forget to download important apps to your phone when you go to the fairytale island. Which? We tell in the article


Where to buy European food in Bali?

There is an expression: “If something is not in Bali, then you are simply looking badly.” We were guided by approximately the same slogan when...


Earthquakes in Bali. Is it dangerous?

“Bali has volcanoes, earthquakes and a high risk of tsunamis. And also snakes, scorpions, huge cockroaches...” and other horror stories that can be found on...


Balinese Peterhof: why is the Taman Ujung so different from all Balinese palaces?

Taman Ujung is located in the Karangasem district and is one of its most important attractions. The area is a large garden with pools and...


Galungan: the day when ancestral spirits descend from the volcano

Today in Bali began the celebration of Galungan - one of the most important and significant religious events of the island. It lasts 10 days...


Babi guling or Pisang goreng. Indonesian dishes that you should taste in Bali

Passing by local cafes, which are called warungs here, you can notice many unfamiliar names. Nasi goreng, babi guling, gado-gado... At first it is not...


The most Instagrammable views of Bali: Tegallalang rice terraces, subak and swings with flying dresses

It is said that the first rice terraces were created over 1500 years ago. This culture is an integral part of the diet of any...


Go crazy and fall in love with the island forever - the best holiday in Bali

I offer you an absolutely unique, beautiful and exciting route to different parts of Bali that impressed me the most. I think you can customize...


Gili - Indonesian Maldives

Numerous advertisements on the Internet and on tourist brochures talk about the paradise island of Bali. And according to the classics, you immediately imagine snow-white...


The Birds Park in Bali: the most dangerous, unusual and amazing inhabitants

Do you know which bird is the most dangerous in the world? What species is considered the most endangered? Why did the paradise birds end...


The Benefits of Posting on a Free Classifieds Board Over Facebook Marketplace in Bali

Attract more customers in Bali and reach a multilingual audience with ease! Discover the advantages of posting your products or services on a free classifieds...


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