Top 5 things to do in Kuta

Kuta is one of the most popular resort areas in Bali. It was here that Australian tourists came to conquer the waves in the 60-70s. They say the locals decipher the name KUTA as "Kampung Untuk Turis Australia" - the village of Australian tourists. It was here that the Ngurah Rai International Airport appeared. In those days, this place was a poor and modest fishing village. No paved paths, modern shops and cafes, only an endless coastline, palm trees, baili houses with traditional temples, fishing piers and, of course, hundreds of surfers.

Now Kuta is a party center for tourists from all over the world. There are many nightclubs, cafes, restaurants, markets and luxury hotels. I lived in Kuta for about a month and prepared a brief overview of the main attractions.

So what to do in Kuta?


Surf at Kuta Beach

Bali is famous for the best surf spots in the world and it would be a big mistake to fly in and not at least try to get on the surf! Kuta is very popular with beginner surfers. If you have never tried to surf or are confident on the board, but only on the “green waves”, then Kuta Beach is the best of the Bali spots. Along the beach there are dozens of surf schools and instructors ready to give a lesson at any time. You can rent a board, leash, lycra and zinc or sunscreen. The bottom is sandy, the waves are soft and short. I myself love this spot very much and I advise Kuta Beach to all beginners.


Have breakfast at Crumb & Coaster

There are far fewer cafes in Kuta with the famous Balinese breakfasts like smoothie bowls, eggs benedict or toast with avocado, cherry tomatoes and feta, effectively served with mango lassi or flat white. However, during my life there, I found a couple of “favorites”.

  • Crumb & Coaster. An absolute favorite and, in my opinion, not only with me, but with all the inhabitants of Kuta. Small cozy cafe with delicious food. If you go together, then a life hack: order Eggs Benedict and Smashed Avo and combine 2 dishes into one. Each will have a poached egg on a fresh bun with hollanda sauce and toast with avocado and tomatoes. And the coffee here is amazing! On average, breakfast for two comes out to about $15, but they also have a Promo breakfast option. For $3.50 you get a very tasty omelet with mushrooms, vegetables and toast, as well as any hot drink of your choice.
  • Beach Bowl. Here are the best smoothie bowls. For those who are far from newfangled terminology, I will explain what kind of work of Balinese art this is. Fruits are whipped with coconut or almond milk and ice into a creamy texture and laid out in a deep plate, garnished with honey, fruits, berries, nuts and flowers. Yummy! I highly recommend trying at least once.
  • Brunch Club. And here they serve the famous porncakes. Don't let the name fool you, these are very tasty puffy pancakes with cream, ice cream and additives, doused with maple syrup, strawberry jam or chocolate. You will have to wait about half an hour for them, but the pleasure is worth it.

Go to Waterboom Water Park

One of the best water parks in Asia, Waterboom, is comfortably located in Kuta. It is literally immersed in greenery, creating a unique tropical forest atmosphere. Entertainment here for every taste: slides for adults and children, a spa, an artificial wave pool for learning to surf, cafes and restaurants. The scariest attraction is called Climax: you are locked in a capsule, where, after a countdown, a hole in the floor opens and you fly down in free fall. You can swim in the “lazy river” or go down the longest slide Constrictor. A day in the water park costs $35, a day for children - $25.


Stroll around the Legian area

One of the most touristy streets in Kuta. There are hundreds of souvenir shops, massage and tattoo parlors, warungs and cafes here. At every turn, the Balinese women are calling for “yes massas”, and merchants offer to come in and buy sunglasses or 5 T-shirts for the price of one. Here you will definitely find souvenirs for every taste. And in the evening, Legian becomes a party center. Dozens of nightclubs shimmering with all the colors of spotlights and screaming at you with loud rhythmic music, cafes where musicians sing Bob Marley with a guitar while you enjoy barbecue and cocktails. By the way, many places have happy hours. For example, cocktails for $1.50 or two beers for the price of one. There are Ladies night, where all the girls at the entrance receive a drink as a gift.

Alcohol in Bali, by the way, is expensive. For example, a 0.5 bottle of beer costs about $1.5-2 on average. The thing is that Indonesia is a Muslim country and only Bali has its own religion that allows you to drink alcohol. But local taxes on it are still high.


Watch the sunset at Pantai Jerman Beach

Pantai Jerman (German Beach) looks very picturesque. It used to be an ordinary fishing pier, but in 2018 the Indonesian government carried out a reconstruction, and this place has become a tourist attraction. The sunsets here are especially beautiful: a lot of fishing boats swaying on the waves, and in the background, very close by, the runway of the Ngurah Rai airport. Walking along the beach, you can see a plane landing in the last rays of the sun, take pictures with fishing boats and have a bite of grilled fish with live music - in my opinion, a great end to the day.

Such a diverse Kuta. Perhaps the main of its advantages are budget against the background of Seminyak and Canggu located nearby and proximity to the airport. And the traffic jams are a little smaller.


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