Indonesian Entry Rules 2022

So what do you need now to get to Bali?

1. Vaccine - any, with any expiration date. 

2. Visa.

✅ For tourists, it is possible to enter Indonesia on several types of visas:

  •  VOA visa (applied at the airport and does not need to be issued in advance). This visa is issued for 30 days + one extension for another 30 days is possible. After that, you need to MANDATORY TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY. The cost of a VOA visa is $35. If you plan to stay on the island for more than 2 months, then this option will NOT SUIT YOU. 

❗️When the epidemiological situation in Indonesia worsens, this type of visa will be unavailable again, and it will also be IMPOSSIBLE to extend it. 

In order to obtain a VOA visa, as well as to extend it, you need to have return tickets. 

  • It is also possible to enter with pre-obtained B211A visas. It can be a tourist visa — if you are going on vacation. Either a business visa — if your goal is to conduct business negotiations. The cost of visas B211A from $275.

❗️These visa types do not give an official opportunity to work in Indonesia. Both visas are issued for 60 days. If you plan to stay on the island longer — then it will be possible to extend twice for 60 days = 180 days on the island. After that, it will be possible to apply for a new onshore visa WITHOUT LEAVING THE COUNTRY.

‼️ These types of visa DO NOT DEPEND on the epidemiological situation and, as a rule, are always available for renewal. 


  • passport
  • photo
  • vaccination certificate

Visa is issued remotely — documents are sufficient in electronic form (photo in good quality).

Before departure, you need to prepare and print all the documents that may be asked at the border.


3. Ticket to and from Indonesia. A return ticket must be mandatory, to any country, at any price

4. Registration in the application PeduliLindungi. A senseless and merciless procedure, completely irrelevant, but it is necessary😅

5. Insurance. It is not required, but I strongly recommend doing it. Treatment on the island is very, very expensive. 

And most importantly: the willingness to relax and get high from the most heavenly country on the planet!


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