Elephant Park Bali

A long time ago, very beautiful and kind elephants lived on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. They walked in the tropics, fed on palm leaves and bamboo, bathed in tropical rivers and lakes. And nowhere on the whole planet were there other such elephants.

And then people came to their land. They cut down bamboo groves, palm trees and all shrubs, and poachers began to catch and kill animals. Hungry, frightened elephants went out into the villages, ran through the plantations and destroyed them, destroyed houses, trampled on the inhabitants. The people were outraged. Farmers set traps and protected their crops and themselves as best they could.

Endemic Sumatran elephants are on the verge of extinction. They had nowhere to live, nothing to eat, one by one they died before reaching their 60 years. The population has dropped by 80%!

This story deeply shocked Australian businessman Nigel Mason. He decided to save the animals and organized the transportation of the first elephants from the island of Sumatra to Bali. 6 days on the road and 3000 km with several transfers - they had a hard time. The health of the animals was monitored around the clock, they were fed and watered. And finally they got to a new home - Bali Mason Park.

Bali has never been the home of elephants, but the shady cool jungle of Taro village was perfect for migrants. Literally a year later, the next 9 elephants from the camps of Sumatra moved to the island. The elephant park has gone through different times. Keeping such animals and taking care of them is not the easiest and most budgetary task. The first crisis hit in the 90s, the second - during covid. The Mason family barely made ends meet.

But now things are getting better and every day tourists from all over the world come to hug, feed and wash the Sumatran elephants. The animals are great here! During the existence of the park, as many as three new elephants were born)

Animals smile, bathe, happily take treats from the hands of tourists, pose for photos, play by pouring water on passers-by, and even draw pictures!

Come support, feed and stroke these good-natured people. You can even stay in a hotel in the park. Elephants will be very grateful, because instead of a couple of years that they would exist in Sumatra, they have been living for more than 40! And none of the 30 elephants have died since then :)


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