Need an assistant for online work with basic skills

You need to find relevant information and post it on this site


Date of publication: 01.11.2023 13:46

1) find service offers from local providers in the specified category on Facebook or another social network
2) register an account for the service provider on the website to his email (the password must be generated by a password generator), specify the company name in_snake_case as the name
3) request verification of the created accounts from me (you can request 1-2 times a day, so you need to create several accounts at once)
4) fill out your account profile (the “Tell us about yourself” and available contacts fields are required!), add translations (translate using Google translator)
5) in this account create 1-3 advertisements with the services provided
6) add translation to these ads (translate using Google translator)
7) check the created ad and account on the website

Important! Information must be up to date. Ads will be checked. Payment only for a well-filled ad and seller account.
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We are looking for partners and investors in this project - write to us and we will discuss possible options for cooperation. We are open to any suggestions.
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