The Birds Park in Bali: the most dangerous, unusual and amazing inhabitants

The nature of Bali is very beautiful and rich. From Wikipedia, you can learn an interesting fact about the fact that the island is crossed by the Wallace Line. This is a conditional border between Asian and Australian flora and fauna. Perhaps that is the reason why there are so many different amazing birds, fish and animals. The Balinese are very careful about all the inhabitants of the island and try to protect them. 

Шоу в Парке Птиц

I have already told one of the conservation stories. It was in Bali that a nursery was opened for elephants from the island of Sumatra, which were threatened with extinction, because their natural habitat was destroyed. They live perfectly on the island: everyone is alive, healthy and even have offspring. 


Восточный венценосный журавль

About the park

Birds are also very popular in Bali. Near Ubud, in the Sukawati area, there is a very large beautiful park. More than a thousand species of birds have been collected here, including large birds of paradise, darters, crowned pigeons and others. Many species are listed in the Red Book, and some are endemic and live only in Indonesia. These include, for example, the red-headed macaw, the Sulawesian kalao or the Balinese white starling with very beautiful blue spots around the eyes and black tips on the feathers.

Зеленокрылый ара

Белоспинные лори (да-да, название для окраса странное 😁)

At the entrance you meet a very talkative cockatoo. Many parrots here just fly around the park and sometimes sit on the shoulders of visitors. Some birds live in enclosures, others roam freely around the territory. They are brought from different parts of the world: South Africa and America, the Indonesian islands of Borneo, Java, Sulawesi and Sumatra, from New Zealand, New Guinea and Australia. Much attention is paid to the conservation and increase in the population of species that are on the verge of extinction, visitors are told about the importance of nature conservation.


For example, the Balinese starling, or the Balinese myna, is endangered. It has a bright white plumage and black tips on the wings and tail, as well as a beautiful blue-black mask around the eyes.

Балийский скворец

The Bali starling is considered one of the most endangered bird species in the world, with less than 50 individuals left in the wild. Their populations have been severely affected by habitat loss and poaching. It would be a pity if these unique and stunningly beautiful birds disappear forever.

The most interesting inhabitants

I saw beautiful noble green and red parrots. This is the name of the species. People say that these cuties can become so attached to their master that they neglect their partner. These are very intelligent, affectionate and spectacular looking birds. They live mainly in the dense tropical forests of Australia, New Guinea and nearby islands.

Благородный попугай

In the center of the park you can see the Sulawes kalao. Because of the large hump on the beak, it is also called the hornbill. This is another Indonesian endemic and lives, as the name suggests, mainly on the island of Sulawesi. This bird has such a loud voice that you can hear it even from a distance of 2 kilometers. This sound is like a very powerful bark. Kalao live in the dense tropics, where a person is unlikely to dare to go, so it is almost impossible to see him in wildlife. It feeds on figs and small insects.

Сулавесский калао

The crowned pigeons made me very happy. They were very funny jumping and shaking their fan-like tuft. These birds are native to New Guinea. Unlike Kalao, they try to stay close to people. The birds are friendly and trusting, they love attention and posed for the camera with pleasure. They feed on seeds, insects and fruits.

Венценосный голубь

Lots of flamingos and pelicans live in the park. Twice a day, park staff come to feed them and usually invite visitors to participate. I also threw them a couple of fish. Watching them catch them with their huge bucket beaks is very interesting!



There are also birds that have made it to the Guinness Book of Records as the most dangerous birds in the world. Cassowaries are very large, they are considered the second largest after ostriches. Their weight reaches 60 kg, and their height is from 1.5 to 2 meters. Cassowaries are very aggressive, and not only in relation to people and wild boars, which sometimes hunt the eggs of these birds, but also in relation to each other. The bird develops a speed of up to 50 km / h and instantly catches up with the victim, killing it with the blows of its powerful legs. In Australia, there were many cases of cassowary attacks on people, after which it was decided to close for national parks in which these birds live. And he looks handsome, you can’t say that you should bypass him.

Казуар - самая опасная птица в мире

The big bird of paradise also lives in the park. These species have a rather sad history. When the birds were first brought to Europe, they were all legless and people believed that they flew from paradise and never landed on the ground, so they did not need limbs. But in fact, in Australia and New Guinea, where they come from, birds were caught and their legs were cut off as a talisman. It was believed that it brings good luck. So incredibly beautiful and unusual birds turned into disabled people.😔 In the park, fortunately, they are treated well and all the limbs of the birds were in place. 

Райская птица

You can also see a Komodo dragon in the bird park. This is the largest lizard in the world. The species is endemic and lives only in the National Park Komodo in Indonesia. Their body length reaches 3 meters, and the weight – 70-90 kg. And the largest Komodo dragon in the world weighed a record 166 kg! These creatures prey on large animals, knocking them down with a powerful tail. As a rule, this is enough to kill the victim, but even if not, a single bite – and a lot of bacteria and a special poison instantly enter the animal's body, which prevents the blood from clotting naturally. Monitor lizards have an excellent sense of smell and vision, which makes them very dangerous predators.

Комодский варан

Summing up, I want to say that the park is really very beautiful and interesting. And you should definitely go there to enjoy the beauty of the birds, feed them and watch the incredible shows that take place here every day. The entrance fee to the park is constantly changing, so check the official website for up-to-date prices. Feeding and all shows are included in this price.


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