Vip Auto Tuning Mercedes V Class


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The company Gutmeister offers: Perforation of leather, Re-equipment of cars on a turn-key basis, Development of car interior design, Auto tuning, Upholstery of car interior in any fabric, Alcantara leather.

The market for small and medium-sized premium cars is experiencing its golden age. Gutmeister is designing from the ground up and moving forward with more value for customers - the most luxurious and super comfortable wheeled SUVs in the dealership! Mercedes V-Class This is actually a first class VIP ticket, but on wheels.
What we do: we change the color of the interior, remake the interior with leather, carbon fiber, high-quality natural wood veneer, install additional accessories, non-standard fittings, stitch the skin, stretch the interior, rozrobka. exclusive design, after-sales service.
Installing a Maybach interior in a car or yacht is a daily routine and workflow for us.
For us, there are no annual changes in the implementation of our projects. Our manufacturability and 25 years of continuous work experience, as well as the presence of a closed production cycle in one place, give us a practical opportunity to implement the most complex and responsible tasks. But it’s not enough for us that we have already passed and do not stop and move forward.
What else can Gutmeister surprise us with?

P.S. Production in Germany. We cooperate with large auto tuning centers, individual projects, car dealerships. Our prices are amazing, regardless of whether the company is located in Germany. Post-warranty car service.

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02.02.2023 14:00